FA Portable

FA Portable

Each product in the FA Portable line offers unique acoustical advantages over traditional portable systems; and a broad range of mounting options allows each of them to serve in a multitude of roles.

The FA Series of full range loudspeakers employs proprietary horn-loaded coaxial drivers to bring Fulcrum’s signature clarity and well-behaved directionality to portable applications in versatile, compact and easy-to-handle packages. When used as mains, their ability to deliver clear separation of sources and their effortless character allows the full impact of a performance to shine through. While in floor monitor configuration, their carefully tuned voicings provide a neutral character and optimized stability with the most popular vocal microphones.

The TS Series subwoofers’ ultra-compact enclosures allow concert-level low frequency impact to be provided in situations where normal touring subwoofers would be far too large. From the TS221 touring class subwoofer to the TS212 ultra-compact subwoofer, precise articulation combines with satisfying low frequency extension and un-matched output capability to maximize the impact of any show – even those with severe space constraints.

Traditionally, mains with the output capability of the FA Series have been much too heavy for speaker stands, but the light weight of FA Series mains allows them to be mounted on stands or on TS Series subwoofers using the SP1 speaker pole. In fill applications a combination of mounting options including custom-fitted portable yokes makes precise deployment quick and easy.

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